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Thread: Tesla!!!1 (Was: Tesla Sales banned in NJ.)

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    I was googling on Thursday looking for the bad news about Tesla's market demand falling through. It was buried under stories about Tesla owners autopiloting their way into the back of parked trucks and stuff.

    At least their poor corporate news isn't making it very far into the mainstream coverage.

    Because I'm studying and going into automotive consumer protection law I listen to some podcasts in that area. Apparently it's somewhat different trying to meet the requirements for a Lemon Law claim with a Tesla due to the difficulty of making repeat trips to the dealer for service; often there isn't one nearby and people won't always return their car to get things fixed. Also, their service model is different, a car comes in and they diagnose it then they request parts from a central repository. Because Lemon Law's often require the car be fixed X amount of times OR remain at the dealer for XX days a Tesla will get to Lemon Law qualification faster than a regular car because of how much it sits at the dealer. Attorney's like Tesla because it's easier to sue a company that both manufactures and services the car. In a typical Lemon Law case when the manufacturer loses the case they turn around and make a cross-claim against the dealer and bill them for not fixing it. No such issue with Tesla.
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    Tesla in general over engineered their cars, hence they take too long to make and cost more per vehicle which eat into their profit. Their tech is definitely class leading, including their batteries and insane drivetrains. Structural integrity is also stronger than cars in similar class... not to mention fancy door handles or complex gull-wing doors. Model 3 isnít as complicated but still over engineered. Take battery size for example, you can pay less for a Ďsmallerí battery with less range, but your car will only be software limited. The car physically has the bigger battery onboard. Thatís additional cost Tesla will never get back!

    Regarding reliability, there are always issues, but most Tesla owners love their cars enough to overlook them. I think the hardest thing to overlook is fit and finish. Most paid nearly $100k for the car, but youíll have to learn to accept misaligned body panels, carpets and upholstery.

    Tesla cars are superior in design and engineering, but Elon couldíve save himself from a lot of trouble by just partnering with an experienced automaker when it comes to mass production.

    I do believe long term reliability of its power train should be good though. There are only news of autopilot screw ups or mysterious fires or fires in violent crashes..., but havenít heard of any older Teslaís just end up with batteries or motors just stop working.

    Btw, I do have a colleague who leased a model X and lemoned it. Main issue was that he has to fix the AC multiple times that he finally wanted out of the lease. But now heís driving a model 3.
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