Once again, I thought we had a thread already, but I guess not. I've been reading up on Prepar3d (I know there was a thread at our last stop), and it looks really promising. So I just bought it, it's downloading at home as I sit here at work.

With Flight being a complete flop, it looks like this is the star right now. Surely not the same following as FSX, but with it being almost completely compatible, many developers are releasing simultaneously for both. And even FSX dedicated items work in many cases. So why not take advantage of P3D's advantages in performance?

I've also been wanting to get back into DCS: Warthog. The biggest reason I got away from that was not the complexity, but the dexterity, you could say. With my joystick, one screen, it was dificult to find all the buttons, and keep track of keyboard hotkeys, not to metnion see where you want to look while mainting good flight control. I hope all of that will improve, as I've finally ordered TrackIR. And I also pre-ordered the new Seitek X55. I think that will make it much more enjoyable. Also still need to figure out how I want to set up my desk for triple monitors.

As for War Thunder, I think I need to read into it a bit more. It can be fun and the ease of joining into a multiplayer session certainly is appealing, but I haven't figured out the way you progress in this game, so I'm woefully undermachined in most battles.