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    I still haven't found a good resource on how to use the HUD software. First of all, when I start up, it (usually) has two icons in the tray, right clicking does nothing, and there is no difference in their icon or name. It seems like you need to open two instances of HUD, one for the throttle, one for the stick. I can't figure out how to get one instance to recognize both at once. This seems to only be for calibration/axes, as the program can see button presses in the programming tab from both.

    I would normally forego the software, but it seems without it, you can't use the mouse nipple or slider buttons. Even with them programmed, they don't work well. The mouse clearly needs to be calibrated, but I can't figure out how. I'm going to email Saitek about this.

    I also can't get a DCS profile to work. It will load, but doesn't actually seem to work in the game. I wonder if I'm going something wrong too maybe? It'd be nice if there was some kinda of info on how to use it.

    Aside from the (unsurprisingly) bad software, the hardware is awesome, and programming the buttons/axes through the sim/game works just fine, but you lose a bit of functionality. For example, if the game doesn't allow you to assign an axis for something (like speedbrake in A10-C), you can program an axis to hit button macros for a given percentage through the profiler. At least, you're supposed to be able to. And of course that slider and mouse are useless without it.
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    fwiw Russ I've been using a modded X52 for many years now and I gave up on the Saitek software not long after getting it. It was nothing but frustrating and a time waster in my experience. Luckily since I pretty much just virtually fly stuff from the 60's or older, I generally have more then enough switches, toggles, sliders etc. without the need for any mode switching and macros.

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    Crossposting from VR thread.

    X-Plane 11 has native VR support now:

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