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Thread: Project CARS

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    Yeah, having it pop up here has me back in it full time. Been racing at least an hour every night the last few nights. My progression has been different, though. I spent the whole first season running the BMW 320D series (which is awesome now that I've learned it), and a stupid 125cc Shifter Kart series that I loathe but won.
    Been doing some club race events on the side and some of them are bonkers. I didn't look at the track and selected the Audi R8 LM prepped car for an Audi club day, turns out it was on a .74mi 6 turn club track, whoops. 34 second laps.

    Really enjoying it though. Hoping the Kart championship gets me noticed by a junior open wheel team soon, though I'm pointing my career towards GT cars so who knows.

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    Have found a pretty workable set-up for the Grp5 BMW 320 turbo. Able to run it with no tcs or abs, although the one race at Donnington where it rained for three laps, then poured on the last lap cost me a win since the ai can run in a downpour better than I can on slicks.

    *A little more tweaking, and it's at 1:05.790 at Silverstone Intl.
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