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Thread: Project CARS

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    I had a ton of fun driving the Formula C cars, which I might have mentioned wayyyy back in this thread somewhere. If you get the chance to play it again, I'd recommend you give them a go.

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    I tried to do a little online racing, but most of the races were private. I do, however, really enjoy taking the R18 around Le Mans.

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    Maybe I'll try it... Weren't there recommended controller settings somewhere to make it less painful?

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    I posted some controller settings earlier, and have tried several others, none of them good enough to make the game playable with a controller to me. :-(

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    Also, I've been waiting for Slightly Mad to fix the controller handling issues since 2009's NFS Shift, so I don't have high hopes for the sequel to Project Cars either.
    Which is sad, because it could be so much fun with all the classes, and should be an easy thing to fix, one presumes.

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