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Thread: How do we not have an Android phone thread yet?

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    Pixel 2 is not sold in Italy (MEH) and Pixel 2 XL would be a decent proposition if:
    1) Didn't cost more than my Galaxy S9+ in here (True story)
    2) Didn't have a meh display (Pixel 2 on the other hand has a decent display)
    3) Didn't lack MicroSD (like usual for Pixel and Nexus -reiterative MEH)
    4) Didn't lack 3.5 audio jack (fuck that noise. and fuck the abysmal adaptor Google provided with it)

    All my friends that used to buy Nexus phones turned to OnePlus and Huawei, some to Samsung. None to Pixel... why? It costs too much and the normal Pixel 2 not sold in here.
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