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Thread: GTBN Refugees

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dango_GTBN View Post
    Dango has made it here. So, hello everyone, and thanks for providing a new home for us GTBN folks.

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    I still remember looking forward to updating my diary on GTBN...nice to see some familiar names.

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    Hello all. I took a 3 year hiatus from the game and occasionally liked to check in on the GTBN board. Obviously not often enough! It's taken a while to find this, but I'm glad to see it still exists in some form. Thank you to the GTX folks for welcoming us over and hello again to some familiar names. I don't know how much I'll get back into the "racing", or even if I'll pick up GT6, but I have started a second go through of GT5 so we'll see.

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    You guys ought to hang out in the "Science", "Wimmin", or the Rocksmith/Cycling/GeorgeLikesGuitars threads so we can get to know you better.

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    I played GT for the first time in months, likely years on Sunday afternoon.

    Mostly I just wanted to verify how I have my video devices hooked up, especially after the switch to digital, and so I turned on the/a PSX and PS2 for the first time in that same months or years time period. Turns out the PSX and PS2 were both plugged into the multiple RCA ports on and old VCR, and then the RCA out from there went to an input on my old PVR. So I possibly get two sets of frame-delay as it all finds its way to an LCD TV. I think the RF modulator on the VCR was getting flakey, and/or I possibly removed it from the sequence going to the TV as a simplification when I installed the digital adaptor.

    I've never been a very good player, but I was not as bad as I thought I might be just picking up the game after such a long haitus.

    In GT1 Simulation Mode I found a Cerbera LM and ran away with the Grand Valley East Spot Race. Set new qualifying and fastest lap records, but not total time. I didn't save my progress in any case. Only spent a little time off-road, and never spun out completely. The aero on that car, and its generally overly pleasant driving model help a lot in that.

    In GT4 I remembered that, if you wanted to avoid writing the memory card, you needed to keep your same current car which turned out to be a black 787B. I needed two tries with that car to win at the Suzuka event of the RE Cup. (Actually I'd forgotten at the time that you could enter a single race of a series, or I might have chosen something different).

    Actually, I'm somewhat surprised GT4 was in the PS2; it could well have been Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano.

    Wasn't sure where to post this, and realized I might have just made diary entry at the old GTBN...
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