They're a cheapie Chinese semi slick(ish - 190 treadwear), marketed under a couple of brand names. This one being "Blacklion". I've not tried them before, but a friend has recommended them strongly to me, and at the price of NZ$159 a tyre it's not much of a gamble, given that I'm going to guess that the Dunlop Z3 I'd run otherwise would be nearer $400 a tyre.

They won't be my normal road use tyres though, as I've picked up a set of the Evo X BBS alloys with some Michelin tyres on them. However they were bought at a distance so they're with a friend around four hours drive away at the moment. The Enkei's on the car are a bit heavier than the BBS wheels which will be on the car shortly (both factory wheels).