I'm turning my Corolla club car into a gravel spec car, hopefully my first gravel hillclimb shall occur this Sunday.

It is 5km of first and second gear steep uphill.

I put taller springs and shocks into the car this week, as the current suspension is set up very much with tarmac in mind (low, and with hardly any droop on the suspension).

I've done some gravel autocrossing before, but that was one circuit repeated, also it was while running road tyres. So this weekend is a bit scary. It is a road I've navigated on a couple of times, so I'm semi familiar with it.

Notion gravel 2.jpgNotion gravel 3.jpg

This is what the road looks like from my friend's almost identically spec'd Corolla from last year. If you listen, you can hear he never even gets into third the whole run


This is what it looks like from inside a Legacy RS driven by a lunatic