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Thread: *synth* I WORKOUT

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    Quote Originally Posted by SportWagon View Post
    Initially I was very impressed, and puzzled.

    But I had been overlooking the 20 miles on Saturday, and thought you were
    able to just do an arbitrary marathon in place of your usual 11 miles!

    So yes, I can believe you can just run a marathon on an arbitrary weekend your way. It's not that much more than 20 miles. You skip the Saturday run on marathon weekends, presumably?
    Oh boy. I guess by giving a synopsis of my plan I threw in some confusion. Sorry about that. What I typed was a normal week routine for me, and yes I generally run that same program week after week. HOWEVER, I do taper for marathons. I'm a firm believer in that. I'm currently doing that now. Usually that means replacing the 20 miler and making that an 11 or 13 a couple of weeks before the marathon. The week before I start having a few of those days not running at all in preparation. I treat the experience like a vacation and focus on enjoying it.

    After the marathon race, I'll start running regularly about a week after. The full mileage routine won't be started until usually 3 weeks after. On occasion, I do run local, shorter road races... but for those I don't change my normal routine. They are usually on Saturdays.

    Did you get fairly quickly to...

    M-F: 5.25 miles
    Sat: 11 miles
    Sun: 11 miles

    and then increase the Saturdays gradually from there?

    Because an ordinary person (i.e. readers other than you) needs to increase the distance they can run gradually each week. With your base of running from previous years, perhaps you didn't need to build up so formally.
    Pretty spot on Sportwagon! That pretty much describes what I attempted from 2015 to 2016. At least that was the plan and it took some time to make it routine. I had done marathons before... and a few 20 milers in training. Figured I knew what I was doing. My normal weekend running route is an out-and-back route along the same course for both Saturday and Sundays... I just go farther before turning around on Saturdays. Also, before I got up to the 20 miles, I'd make that long Saturday run about 15 or so instead.

    I think I based my plan on a Galloway plan, and built up Sunday runs by 2km until I reached about 13miles, and then did 13miles every second Sunday, with the other Sunday increasing by 2km until I reached full marathon distance. I didn't run as much during the week as usually recommended, because my feet seemed to have problems if I ran too frequently. At that time I had noon-time runs I could do with other people, which helped make the runs easier to do. It was usually MWF of aoubt 8km, I think.

    Weekends were interesting. Oh! This weekend is just a 13mile (half-marathon) distance! An easy weekend! Next weekend I work harder!
    Galloway is the golden rule for running the marathon!! He has helped so many people make this accomplishment possible. I'm glad that it worked for you, SW. Not only are you a marathoner, but it must of made an impact even all of these years later to have such insight and make such smart inquiries into my running.

    I apologize if I came off as a braggart. I've come to a pinnacle in my training and an exciting goal after all that work is now on the horizon. I just wanted to share in the I WORKOUT thread. I was hoping that maybe it could be inspirational to someone... as many of your stories and trials and successes have resonated with me over the years. I never intended to "discourage" anyone. If anyone is trying to train for a first marathon... Look to the Galloway plan that Sportwagon posted... or check out the other stories of the first time runners in here. It will help, and is absolutely a solid, correct path to follow...

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    After finishing my marathon I thought I might continue in future years, and I did do a Horror Hill Classic later in the year. At that time it was a 30km road race on country roads, including a lot of gravel. But the next winter somehow I lost interest in running and duathlons.

    My marathon training route, once I'd reached sufficient distance was pretty much my West Montrose Classic! habitual bicycling route which can be seen on Strava.

    It was interesting running a route I had previously cycled frequently, and I could be fairly certain of the distance (pre-Strava). What is now Waterloo RIM/Blackberry Park was then farm fields, and there was a more direct road to take, so the route was only about 34km, and I supplemented it with laps around my neighboorhood to add extra distance. (My current route also includes a finishing neighbourhood extra loop which adds more distance). An out-and-back to "Conestogo", where the large rectangle of my route begins and ends, would be my half-marathon run. Once past the Waterloo city limits, I was running mostly on gravel shoulders, which was easy on my feet.

    When I look up Horror Hill runs now, they have changed the format. There seems to be a 15K, and a 3-hour and 6-hour time-based run. You need to be registered to see the actual details.

    Oh perhaps they stopped it after 2011 (the year I actually found and commented on without realizing it wasn't current).

    My bicycling continued strong for a while. Then had a down period (at least partly due to Gran Turismo). But a few years into this century I got largely back into the swing of it, but it has been up and down in recent years, too.

    This year is middling. I seem to need so much more sleep now I'm older. Especially if I do do a vigorous bicycle ride. In the old days, after an 80km ride in the morning, I could mow one or even sometimes both lawns in the afternoon, and be generally active and useful. Now a bicycle ride sort of knocks me out for a while.
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    I was just messing with you JSG, please donít feel bad about your impressive routine! Keep doing what you do, whether Billi is inspired or discouraged, donít worry about it. A true bragger only talk the talk and not run the run. We know youíre not bragging!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSGeneral View Post
    If anyone is trying to train for a first marathon... Look to the Galloway plan that Sportwagon posted... or check out the other stories of the first time runners in here. It will help, and is absolutely a solid, correct path to follow...
    Or may buy a book by Galloway...

    So maybe you can even avoid buying through amazon.
    And honestly, his site does seem to freely provide a lot of information.

    Wikipedia seems to suggest Jeff Galloway makes most of his money running vacation fitness camps.


    I should really have previously indicated that at the point I decided to start training for a marathon I had already become comfortable with running distances of about 10km. I built up to that gradually too, a couple of years before. By increasing first my longest runs, and eventually also my shortest runs, each week.

    Perhaps it is obvious to everyone, or perhaps it's not, the basic way to become able to travel a long distance by any self-powered means, is to start with a distance you can handle and gradually build up to the target distance.
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    Wife and I did a workshop on the Wim Hof Method (and also other breathing techniques) yesterday. It was very interesting. The ice bath was intense. We will definitely implement those breathing tips in our daily lives.

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    Since my garage plans are on hold right now until the weather gets worse....then better, I'm kicking the idea of doing another 60 day challenge. Last one I was in I had a bum hip and a broken arm. (Seriously, the bone hadn't grown back together and the plate and screws were failing to hold onto the bone). I placed second in my gym. Last time, pain was what stopped me....

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    Knowing you, you're gonna kill it.

    I've been missing swimming btw. Really took a liking to it this summer. My pool isn't heated so I stopped. Even my parents' solar heated pool got too cold by October. I looked for an indoor pool or public pool around town but didn't find anything outside of the local designer gym chain ($$$). I've been getting PT for my ankle which feels like it's really helping (it's a method called strain-counterstrain, it's fascinating), so hopefully I can start running again before too long. My idea is to spend a couple months doing low-impact strength training on my legs to build them up again before attempting impact exercises like running. I've lost a lot of strength in my lower body the last couple years.

    Still holding at 150lb.

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    My first PT office was big on strain/counterstrain method. It helped my arm pain along with dry needling. Glad it's working for you Brian.

    As a side note, Nathan and I have a 5k Saturday. I'm excited because everyone gets a finishers mug with hot apple cider.

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    How did the 5k go? Someday I'll do one if my ankle heals properly! [Side note, what kind of idiot runs a marathon but has never run a 5k or 10k? ]

    I challenged it a bit yesterday by doing some strength/balance exercise and then going for an hour long walk. It was fine during the walk, and I stretched afterwards, then I had some pain at the end of the night. So far so good today, though, which is encouraging!

    Counterstrain doesn't seem like it makes any sense on the surface, but it has definitely helped me a lot. Turns out my whole left leg is screwed up from compensating for so long. Counterstrain is unwrapping the layers of dysfunction with each appointment.

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