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Thread: Red Dead Redemption

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    Isn't there random events in GTAV? The "blue-dot" system as I like to so eloquently call it. Not sure there's much reward for that stuff, though, besides a few bucks here and there.

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    Yeah, but I think they can expand on that, without it just going from completely random tiny thing straight to story element/side mission.
    Get that weak shit off my track

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
    Yeah, it's strange, this game never inspired me to commit mayhem just for the fun of it like the GTA games have.
    Yeah, you're true on that. And addressing Krunch's post as well, I think the setting itself is the thing that sucked me into the game so much.

    GTA V feels boring and old after a few hours of fucking around whereas RDR is so engaging and just a fascinating place to be when all you've done for the last 90 minutes was ride around and look for animal skins or treasure locations.

    It's a game that definitely deserves a next-gen sequel. Heck, I'd gladly pay for a remake coz I'm a sucker.

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    Found out about the "cheats" to enter Mexico and West Elizabeth early. Google the videos. It's easier to watch the video than to explain it. No missions, including stranger missions, are available in early area access but challenges, collectibles, random strangers and bounties are available as are purchases as long as they don't need to be unlocked.

    Some advice for planning on that:

    Do not buy a safe house in an area you've gone to early. It can complicate getting back.

    In order to do all challenges, you'll need to find the treasure hunter random encounter. I've found that the best way to find this is to complete all of the Bonnie MacFarlane story missions up through "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions" in which you acquire the lasso and unlock Kentucky Saddler. After that, do the first Marshall Johnson mission where you go after Walton at Pleasance House. Once that's done, in the area just east of Pleasance House, the treasure hunter encounter spawns. Follow the gunfire and save the treasure hunter and he will give you the first map.

    Now that you have the first map, you can get all of the treasures in New Austin up through and including the one in Tumbleweed.

    You can complete ranks 1-6 on sharp shooter. 7 requires killing bears which will have to wait until West Elizabeth.

    You can complete ranks 1-3 of survivalist. 4-6 require Mexico and 7-9 require West Elizabeth. 10 requires all areas.

    You can complete 1-6 of master hunter and the raccoons and foxes from rank 6 and the bighorns required by 7 can be in New Austin or West Elizabeth. Skunks from rank 6 can be from anywhere. Elk from 7, as well as the bear from 8 require West Elizabeth as do 2 of the 3 animals from rank 10. 9 requires Mexico.

    Once you've got what you want to do done in New Austin, do the "cheat" to go to Mexico. People call it a glitch but I think it had to be put there on purpose so it's probably more accurately called an easter egg. Get all the challenge stuff you need in Mexico and then go back to New Austin and then to West Elizabeth

    Since you have the lasso from "Wild Horses, Tamed Passions", while in West Elizabeth make sure to pay attention to wild horses and capture the black horse, American Standardbred, which is the fastest horse in the game. Using it in the races in story missions in combination with horse pills is ridiculous. Normally, this horse is not available until all races are done. You can't use it in the race against Bonnie since that's before you get the lasso. You can use it for the Rathskellar Fork race and for the race with de Santa. It's also handy for stopping the cow stampede in the Bonnie mission "A Tempest Looms". If you lose it, you can either go back to West Elizabeth to catch it again or you can buy the deed. It's $750 if your honor is high enough; $1500 if not.

    Rank 7 of sharp shooter requires killing 3 bears, each with one shot. You need a powerful gun for that and even then it tends to require a head shot. The buffalo rifle is cheapest if you've unlocked it. The rolling block or Carcano sniper rifles also work. All are available for purchase at the gun smith in Blackwater. The bolt action rifle is only available from a fairly late story mission in Mexico. The explosive rifle also works but is super expensive and should not be purchased until after you finish the Savvy Merchant outfit unless you like paying really insane amounts of money for a gun. I don't think any other guns can kill a bear in one shot.

    Things you get:

    Sharpshooter rank 5 yields more ammo from chests and drawers in safe houses. Rank 10 builds up dead-eye faster when you kill enemies.
    Survivalist rank 5 yields survivalist map last twice as long. Rank 10 allows you to make tonic from collected herbs. Tonic replenishes dead-eye like chewing tobacco or snake oil.
    Master Hunter rank 5 unlocks the Buffalo Rifle for purchase. Rank 10 allows you to make "vittles" from skinned animals. Vittles replenish health like medicine.
    Treasure Hunter rank 5 gives you free stage coach rides. Rank 10 allows you to hold 10 of consumable items instead of just 5.
    Completing all of the above gives you "Legend of the West" which increases your dead eye meter capacity.

    Having all of these capabilities through the rest of the game makes it easier.

    Other notes:

    If you have the Game of the Year Edition or the Hunting and Trading Outfits DLC, then while in West Elizabeth, make sure to skin 5 beavers and hold onto the pelts until you unlock Mexico with normal story mode. If you have those, plus 10 red sage and 20 feathers, once you unlock Mexico, you can immediately go to the point for Deadalus and Son stranger side mission and initially talk to the man, walk a little bit away and go back to him and immediately give him the supplies. This will help you earn the Expert Hunter outfit more quickly. This outfit also requires killing a cougar with a stick of dynamite. After you give the guy the supplies, go do the first de Santa mission which involves protecting a train. Stay on the left side of the train initially and take out the enemies getting ready to throw dynamite or fire bottles at the train before they throw it. If you ride over where their corpses are, you can get dynamite. This unlocks it for purchase and you can use it to finish Expert Hunter earlier. Another thing for Expert Hunter is that it requires harvesting 5000 pounds of meat. When you do random stranger encounters and the bad guys have killed the horses, always skin the horses. They yield a lot of meat.
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    I've got this on the XBOne and am rather enjoying myself - again. Haven't played a game for ages, and it's typical that an old, non-current gen title is sucking me back in.

    It's still beautiful, it's still epic: the lead character is still deep and vast. It's still Top 5 of anything I've played in my life time.

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    If it's a decent remaster like GTA V PS3 > PS4 i'd be keen for another playthrough. Especially if they bought back the same online modes.

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    I'd prefer to see an outright sequel, but yeah, the remaster gravy train would continue to roll and publishers would get another coupla million bux for minimal investment. And yes, I'd be another $80 out of pocket.

    I already own the friggin game twice on two consoles!

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    On that note, here's an incomplete list of games of which I have purchased multiple versions:

    Super Mario Bros. (NES, Wii Virtual Console)
    Metal Gear Solid (PS1 and PS1 Classics on PS3)
    Ocarina of Time (N64, GameCube Collectors Edition, GameCube Master Quest, 3DS)
    Majora's Mask (N64, GameCube Collector's Edition)
    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (N64, PC)
    Star Wars: Jedi Academy (GameCube, PC)
    Star Wars: Starfighter (PS2, PC)
    Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter (PS2, PS4)
    Metal Gear Solid 2 (Original PS2, MGS 2 Substance PS2, HD Legacy Collection PS3)
    Metal Gear Solid 3 (PS2, HD Legacy PS3)
    Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3, HD Legacy PS3)
    GTA San Andreas (PS2, iOS)
    Bioshock (X360, PS3)
    Twilight Princess (Wii, Wii U)
    GTA IV+TBOGT+TLAD (Xbox 360, PS3)
    La Noire (PC, PS3)
    Red Dead Redemption (X360, PS3)
    Journey (PS3 Collection, PS4 DL)
    flOw (PS3 DL, PS3 Collection)
    GTA V (PS3, PS4)
    Broken Age (iOS, PS4)
    The Wolf Among Us (PC, PS3)
    Surgeon Simulator (PC, PS4)
    Portal (X360, Orange Box X360, PC)

    So there you have it. Pretty scary when you look at it like this

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    I rarely have time to play through a game one time.

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