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Thread: Politics

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    That was the PACT bill, the one that funded VA benefits for veterans exposed to things like burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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    Momentum is really picking up for dems, I knew overturning RvW will help with midterm, but to see Manchin turn around and screw Mitch over and assist the dems was really something! I wonít be bad mouthing Manchin for a while now.

    The only thing Iím worried about is when 2024 comes, dems might ask Biden to step aside and make way for Hillary or Kamala. Iíd really hate to see a rematch between Hillary vs Trump againÖ If that happens again, Iíd vote 3rd party again. Not voting Trump and not voting Hillary because itís THEM!

    Iím still bracing for WW3, if that happens, Biden probably will win re-election.

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