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W seems to not give any fucks anymore

In other news, we're all gonna get monkeypox now.

Mother Nature taking care of overpopulation?

I don't remember if I posted about this here, but recent changes in birth rates have slowed the estimated peak of global population, it could be well under the 10 Billion initially projected which is a good thing. At least they're estimating the peak that humanity won't go past (Things like access to medical care, better nutrition etc. actually lowers population growth and that's what we're seeing overall...let's thank the late great Hans Rosling for that education.) and that can be one less worrying factor in the grand scheme of the climate change (yes, that can also mean more used up resources by more countries becoming "first world"...a different argument.
Polio outbreak in Malawi too, I think. (Mozambique maybe?)

Shit science had gotten under control is raging again. Fuck Trump and his anti science minions. And fuck billi.