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    Ugh, we covered the arrival of that soldier's casket back here in south Florida today. It was pretty rough. I normally would be pretty annoyed about covering something like that so much, but the family wanted the media there to get more attention to it, and get more answers.

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    FWIW, Trump is denying that he said that and claims to have proof. 'Course, he's claimed that before, so I think Michael Ian Black's prediction of how this will go is pretty accurate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Ian Black
    "Mr. President, when will you release your proof?"
    "At the appropriate time."
    "When is that?"
    "A couple weeks."
    *Eons pass*

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    Quote Originally Posted by neanderthal View Post
    "He knew what he was signing up for." Trump to a pregnant widow of one of the soldiers who were killed in Niger.

    Holy fucking mackerel.

    And there's still people out there saying give him a chance
    He's done jack shit for 9 months. Nothing.

    Especially nothing to make America great again. Not one thing.
    And the GOP are just as complicit in his fuckery for refusing to impeach him. Emoluments; day 1.
    Not true. He has done something... He's went golfing hell of a lot.

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