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    Quote Originally Posted by Fogelhund View Post
    Oops... Ok, not Al Franken then...
    It'd be a shame if this end up causing the senate to lose a democratic vote...

    Where are the accusers for Trump!!!

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    Semi-related: I'd like to honestly hear my American friends' opinions on this situation. Because I go back and forth a bit on the whole "all speech should be free" thing.

    On November 15, Toronto Police charged Sears with two accounts wilful promotion of hatred against identifiable groups (women and Jewish people) for the content found in Your Ward News, a community paper in which he is the editor-in-chief. The publisher of Your Ward News, Leroy St. Germaine, 76, is facing the same charges. The two were arrested Wednesday morning.

    The paper, in recent years, has become one of Canada’s most notorious publications. Inside its pages you can find rape advocacy, an abundant amount of anti-Semitism, conspiracy theories, and just too much to list here. One article, published last year, states that “age of consent should be the age at which a woman can safely have sex, and not a random number chosen by our ZioMarxist oppressors.”

    Contrast this situation with the one from a few years ago where Canada's Human Rights Tribunal found a comedian guilty for calling some really annoying female hecklers a variety of lesbian/overweight slurs. He was charged and, frankly, I don't agree with that one.
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    The American standard is typically that you can, legally, say anything that doesn't do one of the following:
    1) Promote violence against an individual or group ("I hate Jews" is legal, "we should attack Jews" is not)
    2) Incites panic (the common example being yelling "fire" in a crowded theater
    3) State things as fact which it can be proven that you know aren't
    4) I'm sure other things I'm forgetting

    The reasoning given for #1 is that, if you make hate speak illegal to even say, it will still be said but only in private and with more group-think that is never questioned, leading to outrageous and inflammatory views.
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    I think the "rape advocacy" part could definitely fall under promoting violence and get you charged down here. Then again, that whole "incels" group on Reddit basically have been doing that forever and nobody seemed to go after them.

    The rest of it is horrible stuff, and shouldn't be without consequences (like the rest of the world knowing what a piece of shit he is), but I don't think he could be prosecuted over any of it. How it could get him into trouble is if he ever actually committed a crime against a Jewish person, or a woman, or what have you. If he did that and has a long published history of saying that he hates Jews, I'd imagine that could be used to enhance any existing charge as a hate crime.

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