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Thread: Politics

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    I've got enough anxiety about work and covid and everything else, that did me no favors.

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    Soylent Founder's Unhinged Politics Rant Shows Tech Execs Don't Understand the World

    Returning to Rhinehart’s blog that got him a mention in the Times, he also claims that Nancy Pelosi “controls” San Francisco [...] In reality it is Silicon Valley that ruined the Bay Area—not unlike previous periods of history, where the frontiers of technology and financial capital conspired to lay waste to the region as they extracted its mineral wealth. Decades ago, when Silicon Valley’s manufacturing was contained to the area, it made the land and waters of East Palo Alto (a predominantly non-white area) one of the most toxic in the country. The story of how that region has been poisoned by and its wealth eclipsed (and extracted) by Menlo Park and Silicon Valley is the real story of who ruined the Bay Area.

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