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    Quote Originally Posted by Rare White Ape View Post
    Also, YW, you're a smart guy. The angle you took about Roofer is one that I never would've caught. His alleged threat could have had real repercussions for you if you ever needed to travel to the US on a professional basis.

    You just never know which kinda fuckwit you're arguing with on the internet.
    Thanks bro. It could have had ramifications even if I was travelling there for leisure.

    Anyway, that's all now well in the past. I also have no plans to go to the US anytime soon. Actually, I was supposed to be there next week for a good friend's wedding etc. But as they live here anyway, that whole trip has been cancelled due to, uh, public health reasons.

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    Maybe I'm not familiar with Roofer's place in life, but I doubt he could have actually made life difficult for you. He would have wasted law enforcement's time, and depending on what he claimed to who, it could have backfired spectacularly.

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