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Kevin 2020 has a nice ring to it don't you think?
Someone will try overthrow Morrison in the next 6 months.
Morrison was clever enough to change the rules so apart from the fact that he's got a party room without the problem elements of the past 10 years (and its not just Abbott) and the fact he's got a lot of credibility in the party from winning this election, the new rules are that you need 70% of the party room to get rid of the leader and that just isn't happening. I think we have a period where the government can focus on governing rather than stabbing each other in the back.

And Kevin 2020, lol, thanks christ no. I think Albo will get the leadership and electorally he's much more popular than Bill, the Liberals won't be able to be as shit if Albo is leader and they aren't quite as extreme in their policies.