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    I have a friend who refers to Sanders as "Magic Grandpa" given the sheer amount of faith his believers seem to have in him. Seems apropos.

    BTW, I've said this before and I'll say it again - up until the election, Sanders was an independent. He just chose to run as a democrat and therefore abide by the process the democratic party goes through to pick its nominee. He could have run as an independent, and if he was anywhere near as popular as people claim, that would have been the smart move.

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    He also falsely believed nobody could win as 3rd party candidate.

    Still, had he done it and end up losing to Trump, Neanderthal would probably kill him!

    I really think he could've stolen a lot of angry white votes.

    I still believe Sanders was robbed in the primary.

    Liberals here in this forum for sure would pick him in a primary, however, in general elections liberals would probably still go for Hillary because they'd fear a trump win..., but combine with some angry white antiestablishment vote, 3rd party sander could still conceivably win. But guess we'll never know.
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