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    That was a cold war era jet. Back then money was no object for programs like that. But who says that they're not still doing that? They have to have something going on in the deepest bowels of aerospace HQ.

    Now that the Russians are allies and even lend a helping hand in elections in the USA, you just need a new enemy to be the focus of technological warfare development.

    But it's probably a bad idea to romanticise wild and awe-inspiring vehicles like the SR-71, given their ultimate aim, which was to help facilitate the killing of humans somewhere else. But I do wish that sort of energy was still present in the space program. NASA feels hamstrung by risk aversion, and SpaceX is... meh. Plus Elon Musk is a total dick-brain.

    Yes, yes, Artemis is happening, the next five years will be exciting, but it is happening too slowly. The last Shuttle's wheels stopped rolling ten years ago this July.

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    Perseverance does feel like an extension of that kind of thing, and while I agree that romanticizing military hardware isn't great, at least the SR-71 was just recon. Point heard, though.

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    Yes, SR71 were the days... I feel that I missed the golden years of aerospace industry...

    Anyway, we need bunch of different smaller companies in order to have innovations. Merging them together to form giant behemoth really helped nobody.

    For my current employer, I think we also have a software problem. 737max, crew capsule failed to reach ISS, even the SLS rocket aborted hot fire test early... all software related issue.

    Anyway, if it werent for that dick brain of Elon musk, Im sure space would be even more boring and wed still be relying on Russians to get our astronauts to space.

    This world needs more dick brains.

    The missions to Mars are cool too of course. Better that than landing and invading another nation on earth.
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