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Thread: Richness?

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    Do we have a grown up thread for money / investments and suchlike?

    Due to the severely crap interest rates on savings in NZ, I'm branching out into some managed funds, and shares.

    Clearly there's zero point in mentioning the NZ based shares that I've bought, other than in general terms, retirement homes, as we've got an aging population.

    But I've gone in with some US Managed funds (in clean energy thus far), Tesla, AMD, and some others.

    I've got also a fairly conservative retirement fund, and a really crappy little rental property, so I'm reasonably diversified.

    What are other folk doing, or looking at doing, for their retirement funds / passive income goals?

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    Most of my retirement is in a defined contribution plan, similar to a 401(k). It is pretty passive on my part but it has healthy returns. I am a federal government employee and the plan is through work, so it has very low operating costs which also helps pad the returns.

    Part of the reason I pursued finance in college was so I could manage my own money, but I lost interest in it.

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    A former coworker retired. Young dude, late twenties maybe early thirties. He trades crypto currency for a living now.

    Me, i'm ... ok. Single. No kids. No debt outside my bike and a couple of credit cards. Healthy 401K balance. I'm ahead of where the "how much you should have saved by age" articles say. In fact i'll make more money than i'll make now.
    I have a pension too, through the union.
    Part owner of a small business with some fellow Zimbos. We, in our, business have some investments in the US, Canada, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.\

    I'm looking at Beyond Meat, some weed stocks and the company that found a vaccine for corona virus as our next possible buys.

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    What's a 401k ...?

    If the managed funds results from the weed growing industry are a reflection of that market as a whole, those results appear to have been disastrous.

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