Duke Nukem 3D is back in my life after a very long absence. Don't know how long it will hold my interest, but I rediscovered the game this weekend and am pleased to see there is still an active community online hosting user maps and a new game engine and other things.

I imagine most at this site know this game, but if not, here's a good article about it: Duke Nukem 3D is a Pop Culture Icon that was, and still is, a great Video Game

I used to play it back in the late '90s and early '00s. I enjoyed downloading and playing user-made maps, of which there used to be so many that it seemed like I could never play them all. By today's standards, the game seems a bit mundane. Spawn in a map. Explore. Find weapons. Kill enemies. Sometimes find secret areas. Pick up access cards to get through locked doors. Sometimes you have to find switches to press to make things happen, like opening doors or turning off force fields. Eventually, you find the button to press at the end of each map and your statistics for that map appear on the screen. That's all, until you select another map. I believe I can also set up LAN multiplayer matches for player vs. player games.

I actually might still have my original game CD somewhere, but the game is available online in a few places. Here's one: https://archive.org/search.php?query=duke%20nukem

There are other sources online to find the Duke Nukem 3D Megaton edition, which came with a few expansion packs from back in the day. Apparently the Megaton edition was sold on Steam but is currently not available, at least not "officially".

And here's an "free homebrew game engine and source port" that makes the game run better on modern PCs by expanding the resolution and other stuff I'm still exploring: https://www.eduke32.com/. Apparently it runs on Macintosh and Linux computer also.

I just downloaded EDuke32 this weekend and I don't have it set up perfectly yet, but the game is very playable and better than running the original version if only for the increased resolution (larger view and less pixelation). There's a forum for it here: https://forums.duke4.net/forum/26-everything-eduke32/

It looks like a lot of the old user maps are still around, and I assume hardcore Duke fans are still making new ones. There are hundreds of maps here: https://dukeworld.com/

It's fun to go back to a world in which the OJ Simpson car chase is still on TV. And I wonder if Duke Nukem is the only video game with functional urinals and toilets - "Ahhh. That's better."