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Thread: 2016 Mazda Miata

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    The answer is always Miata!

    R&T drives 19 Miatas at Laguna Seca:

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    Fantastic article, Russ.

    Quote Originally Posted by Road & Track
    The car is ferociously hideous but charming anyway, like Auger's Spec Miata but weirder. The whole car seems to be held together with zip ties and a healthy dose of middle finger.

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    Does anyone know of any after market seat options that would have the driver sitting lower in the cockpit?

    Just back from a test drive at my local dealer. Took 1.5l Artic special edition out for a spin with mate from work who's penchant is old TVR's. Lovely car, very direct steering, feels plenty fast enough for UK roads. The only bugbear that has me hesitating over a purchase is that my head was brushing the roof liner now and again. About the only time I've cursed being so tall (6ft 3"/190cm). If it wasn't for the fact the lining steps down on the front section I probably would have been OK. Just need to be 2cm lower.

    Do I have any options or do I need to face up to the fact that however much I wish I fitted I'm just too tall My shorter companion fitted like a glove and was equally impressed with the all round package. Obviously there is the Fiat 124 to consider, saw one in the flesh the other day and thought it looked much better than in person, don't know if that has any more headroom. The other car on the table is the GT86 but I'm not sold on the interior, a new one would be 4-5K more and I gather they're a bit common

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