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Thread: Look who's going to Autocross Dubai... because alien aka "Who da man? CudaMan!"

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    Car went off there during hpde (I think) Sunday, almost saw 3 cars rear end each other responding to the red flag.

    Is there any place there that 10b can even be seen outside the flag post? More talking about the one outside 3, that is just 4 4x4s holding up a pallet. Tried to make some art with it, didn't work lol.

    I kinda want to try to get a track media pass to see if they would let me go along the top of the hill outside 7 and 8. I saw the path that leads along it and think it'd be interesting perspective
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rare White Ape View Post
    Those race organisers need a carrot up the bum. And why was that yellow flag waver not in their flag point?
    Good question! It took him another 2 or 3 races but he got there. It's a local club-level track, not exactly FIA standard, and it's in a very rural part of Michigan. Maybe it's normal there? I'd never ever heard of looking for a yellow flag anywhere within a 100ft radius of a corner tower. When you're in amongst it on track, you gotta be able to know exactly where to glance so you can get right back to business on track if there's no yellow. Can't be spending a lot of time looking anywhere but where you're going in case there's a yellow flag somewhere unknown.

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    Got a photo of you dropping a tire off ��

    You going to be back for Festival?
    The cool tire drop where I was making an outside pass, or the lame slow one in qualy where I overshot the limit slightly in 5?

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    Your hair! Here is a video that will help to explain.
    This is great! "Great place to put the foil on."

    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    I was at an SCCA event where it had rained earlier in the day. One of the flaggers hung their yellow rain jacket, you know the kind, on a hook on the front of the stand. Brilliant.
    That's a good one. Another one I noticed last weekend was the opening of the flag stand box was facing drivers' vision, so when the yellow flag was in its holder nearest the opening, you could see just as much yellow as when the guy was holding it with no breeze. The opening in the station should be around the back!

    I guess I'm learning the ways of club racing.

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    While we are here, any particular hashtags/tags I should do for your car? I think the whole social media thing is going to be my downfall

    Also, I don't get why Gingerman has the old flag posts still up but abandoned.
    I'm not a social guru either, but you can tag @chrisforsberg64 and/or myself, and our hashtag for the car is #GLTZ.

    I figured the extra flag stations were used at other events. The one on drivers left approaching 10 would have been handy.

    Seeing 10b was tough if you were in traffic. The sightlines going up the hill aren't great - it's easy for a car in front and to the left to block much of your vision of the area around the stand. It seemed like the easiest way to see the 10b station was to look across the track while going through 9. That's a tough one because there's already one on the outside of 8 to look at, then to also look across for the 10b station while going through the fastest corner on track, one where you can make up a lot of time on other drivers and even set up a pass, again that's a lot of looking away from the track.

    Outside of the flagging situation I really enjoyed Gingerman. Super fun track.

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    You can report any flagging issues to race control. In my experience being a flaggie they take it very seriously if somethingís not right. Theyíll get on the radio and request that unwaved flags arenít visible, etcetera. Hanging a yellow rain jacket on a fence is an obvious one.

    Any distractions to the drivers (you know, the meat-heads piloting a couple of tonnes of metal at high speed?) can lead to more problems. Plus reporting issues helps your defence if you inadvertently get pinged for not following flag signals.

    It might be a club level event at a rural circuit, but those guys will be doing IMSA and IndyCar events too. You donít want their bad habits being brought to the bigger events.

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    Back in my day, when I was there to watch my first event there, there was no 10a/b

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    Great shot! Looks like Turn 7. And the funny thing is it makes the FR-S look the same size as the 370Z.

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    Hey, Bryan... was watching the onboards from the IndyCars at Laguna Seca.

    Is it me, or are there sections of the track that are driven differently according to the type of car? Or is it driver preference?

    Turns 3, 4 and 5 were being apex'd earlier than I would imagine, the rest of the lap was pretty standard for competitive driving. Is it because of the aerodynamics of the cars, or would the surface on that part of the track require a different approach?

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    Speculating because I haven't seen it, but high downforce cars can reward early and fast entries - turning less and reducing your speed less means that the downforce helps more. The theory in my mind being that carrying more speed from entry to apex can sometimes be worth more than sacrificing those sections to get a better exit, depending on the turn, the next straight, and the vehicle's characteristics. Turn 5 makes the most sense because it banks up *and* starts to go uphill mid corner. So you can throw a lot of speed in and it'll catch the car to a degree.

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