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    This is not very important, but I'm curious about something in Windows 10.

    I carry a laptop back and forth from my office to my home. In both places, I have a docking station (the same kind) and two 24" monitors. The monitors are two identical Dells at work and at home there's another similar Dell and something else - maybe a Samsung. I can check later when I'm home if it's relevant.

    Sometimes I don't Shut Down the laptop before moving it. Sometimes I'll just select Sleep, such as when I get up early at home, work for a while, and then go to the office later in the morning. By then I'll have a bunch of windows open and don't want to have to start over and open everything up again.

    And, I'm a creature of habit. I like my windows set up in the same order all the time - Outlook over here, accounting software here and here (two sessions running), my "to do" folder up in one specific corner, Windows Media Player down in another corner, etc.

    Sometimes, but not always, when I wake up my laptop on the other docking stations, my windows will be reversed. What had been on the left monitor is now on the right and vice-versa, and in the same locations. If I had Outlook in the lower left corner of the right monitor, it will be in the lower left corner of the left monitor, and so forth. They aren't randomly placed, but in the same locations on the other screen.

    I tried switching the monitor cables where they connect to one of the docking stations, but that didn't change anything. And I know how to get to the Display control panel when you can change Monitor 1 to Monitor 2 and so forth. While trying that again today, I realized something: my open windows sometimes switch monitors but the desktop icons always stay in the same places - they don't switch sides like the windows sometimes do.

    Is this just something I have to live with (which is fine if so), or is there a setting somewhere that will keep everything where it was when the laptop went to sleep?

    Edited to add: I almost never open the laptop. I plug it into one docking station, closed, and then put it to sleep and move it, still closed, to the next location. Then I pull it out of my bag and plug it in again, having never opened the lid. I mention that because obviously the windows change when switching from two monitors to one. I generally don't do that.
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