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Thread: Cuda's Cars, v2.0

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    If you opt for a traditional wax/sealant applied, you could probably pay a local detailer a reasonable sum to get a 1-stage paint correction and protection applied. Would look real nice for a daily driver without getting into 4-figure show car detailing prices.


    Some of you may have seen on FB how I was trying to find some rear wheels/tires in my stock that fit the MR2. I want to take it out for a local autox this weekend without wearing out the unobtanium stock-sized tires that I use on the street. My old race tires, 2008-build-date Hoosier A6s that are hard as rocks, still have enough tread depth up front but the rears are corded. So I needed rears. The 350Z and MR2 have the same bolt pattern, so test fitting began.

    Small album:

    All three sets were too big. I definitely expected the 18x11s not to fit. Inboard clearance was fine but they stuck outside the fender quite a bit. I figured the 9.5s with 245s stretched on them might have a chance, but only if I opted for stance levels of rear camber and rolled the fenders. Not happening. So then I thought the stock front 350Z wheels with 255s squeezed on might be even narrower, as the stock wheels have higher offset (they're more tucked and less flush, as the kids would say). Still better but not likely to clear during high G maneuvering. I'm not willing to find out the hard way. The offset is the main problem, but also the fact these 18" tires are all a couple inches greater in diameter than the 15s the car came with. They really fill out the fender.

    Modern size wheels/tires really change the look of this car. But man, 15s are so easy to carry! Look ma, one hand.

    I looked online for new tires to throw on the race wheels (to replace the corded Hoosiers) and I was a day late and a dollar short. Monday delivery at the earliest. Poo. But I did notice there's a new tire available in stock sizes including the unobtanium 225/50-15, which would mean I wouldn't be as concerned with wearing out my current street set. There's a new Pirelli Trofeo R, the one that comes on the track package Camaro (ZL1 1LE?). Probably great for racing and spirited driving, and not so great for cold rainy mornings. I also wonder about longevity on road trips. There's also the venerable Toyo RA-1 in the same sizes, with the same concerns/questions. Anyone have experience "daily driving" on these tires?

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    Id love to try some Trofeo but damn scary price and hard to source. I think Im going back to Cup 2 - still expensive but not scary and very easy to get.

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    I ended up autocrossing the MR2 on the normal street tires. Pumped them up to low 40s (PSI) to reduce shoulder wear. The local lot is low grip asphalt so didn't tear them up too bad at all.

    My GoPro bricked itself that morning so I ended up throwing my card in a friend's GoPro last minute without checking the settings - which were all wrong for my position.

    When I retired the car from autox years ago I set the front sway bar to the softest setting. I didn't bother changing it back to hardc0r3 mode for this one event. The car was extra floppy. The real challenge was the mushy delayed reactions to my steering input thanks to 55-series 300+ treadwear tires. Yay.

    IMG_4781 by Jimmy Au-Yeung, on Flickr

    I think it's time to change the brake fluid. Now that ATE SuperBlue is banninated, what's the good value reasonably hi temp stuff?

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    Run for the border? Ask a friend to bring a couple of cans of superblue over the wall? I'm sure there's lots fresnans who regularly go to TJ.

    Edit: wait, isn't ATE typ2000 the same thing except it's just amber, as what was banned was the dye?
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    It's true. Been a while since I've seen it, but I was thinking another fluid might be more red than amber and I could still do the color changing brake flush method.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CudaMan View Post
    It's true. Been a while since I've seen it, but I was thinking another fluid might be more red than amber and I could still do the color changing brake flush method.
    Hollis is a big fan of Castrol SRF, but that's like 4x the cost. I would just use Typ 200 and wait for the dark old fluid to change to lighter colored fluid.

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