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Thread: Cuda's Cars, v2.0

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    Aluminum is likely from piston wear, not bearings. Bearings are usually brass when they start to show up.

    Iron is either from the cylinder liner, or the rings themselves. Usually the first thing to go on a tired engine.

    What were your compression test numbers again?

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    Oh I forgot to post those here.

    There are different opinions ranging from "do 4 cranks" to "crank until the reading stabilizes". At 4 cranks my numbers would have all been pretty low, so I did 8 cranks, paused to get the reading, and then cranked until it stabilized. The first number is 8 cranks, second number is stabilized reading:

    #1: 175, 205
    #2: 165, 180
    #3: 170, 190
    #4: 180, [not performed, I actually went in reverse order and didn't think to take a stabilized reading until after this cylinder]

    Looks like solid numbers except for the 15psi difference between cylinders. #2 looking a little low.

    Back to the noise that prompted all this investigation, it doesn't seem to be totally consistent with either piston slap or rod knock, but does sound wrong enough to look into. I'm pretty curious what I will find eventually.

    I haven't been able to find a lot of detail on what metals are used in the 1ZZ-FE, but I did find that it uses thin cast iron liners in the aluminum block. It was pointed out to me in another forum that a sloppy timing chain/tensioner could hit the timing cover, which is aluminum also.


    Unfortunately no mycelial network spore drive on this slow thing.

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    Reminds me that I should check my tensioner in the spring...does it sound like a KA? ��

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