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Thread: Cuda's Cars, v2.0

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    I'm looking forward to seeing a part of the country I haven't been to before. Once, back when I was cool, BFG invited me to the launch of the Rival tire at NOLA. I got sick and gave my spot to a good friend.

    Little things the E90 does right: the fuel door is push-to-release, the backside of the cap has a spike that sits so easily in a hole inside the door, when done the door shuts very easily and when the car is locked the fuel door is locked. Much less fiddly than what I'm used to.

    Little things the E90 does wrong: the steering wheel and shift knob have zero padding or give. Very hard control surfaces are much less comfortable than thicker leather or a smidge of padding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CudaMan View Post
    I have a weird thing against tolls... grew up without them. If it's not too far out of the way to go around, often I will.

    Nate - I'm guessing it beats Mobile?
    Your potential routes thru Dallas won't have toll roads. If your map/gps suggests George Bush Turnpike or the North Dallas Tollway it's getting a kickback from NTTA. Some roads do have 'express lanes' that are tolled (and are obscenely expensive during rush hours) but you can ignore them.

    If you aren't going to get to US-80 & 635 by 3pm you might as well take the scenic route. Typical traffic on westbound 635 isn't bad but there's a 60% change there will be wreck, just for you, to screw things up.

    I'd suggest I10/12 - I49 route instead of going north thru MS. I-20 in Louisiana is bad and in Shreveport it is terrible. While I10/12 are in good shape and I-49 is a mostly deserted road one can make good time on.

    If you bypass DFW I'd stay on I-20 (Google suggest getting off way earlier) until US-69 (exit 556) I-20 is race track and if people are in a good mood and stay out the left lane one can keep it at 80-90.

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