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Thread: Cuda's Cars, v2.0

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    Soft top doesn't look terrible, but the drains seem to be blocked. So the car is home, in the garage, with a heater running in the footwell. I've scooped some muck out of the drains for a start, but now I'm out of time.

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    Progress has been slow between the relentless summer heat, race travel here and there, and hiking some weekends.

    Off the top of my head mostly what I've done is take apart the front end and clean all the dirt and crud out of there, replace the condenser (which didn't fit quite right, stack of washers to the rescue), and wetsand / polish / re-clear the headlights while they're out.

    DSC05208.jpg IMG_20210811_201249.jpg IMG_20210719_192507.jpg IMG_20210719_192538.jpg

    In the process I discovered the car is missing the washer bottle and pump, as well as the bulbs and wiring subharnesses for the side repeaters in the bumper.

    Oh and I removed the ricey red covers off the nicely loud Hella horns.

    Next steps are to take it to a shop to get the AC system properly evacuated and charged, and raise the ride height until I put in the stock springs and Koni struts. I need to replace the bumpstops on that set I just acquired since they're mostly shot. Which means it's dreaded spring compressor time...

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    Looks like you are missing an engine as well......

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    Have you had a good experience with headlight restoration in the past? I've done that before and it re-yellows in a few weeks.

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    Yeah, what's a good brand/product to use to restore a lasting clear look?

    I'm currently thinking of restoring one of our cars... my own research shows Meguiar's has a coating to help protect and another 2 step restoration kit that seem decent, but just wondering what you're using.

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    Typically I do get yellowing again on headlights after a few months if I machine polish them. My theory is the factory UV protection is abraded off the lenses by doing that. But when they are yellow and hazy, that seems to be the only option to make them look better. This time I used the Meguiars Heavy Duty kit which comes with a watery clear liquid coating that quickly solidifies and cures. So it's probably good for a little while longer - the label says 1 year. If this doesn't work very well my next thing to try is an actual clear coat in a spray can - which I have avoided so far because of its potentially hazardous nature and needing to make sure overspray doesn't get on anything else nearby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil_SS View Post
    Looks like you are missing an engine as well......
    Yeah, an LS9 would fit nicely in that hole.

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    That hole is too small...

    Speaking of engines, the plate is easy to see on these cars and I noticed it doesn't match the car's VIN. Turns out the engine is from a Celica GT. It'd be fun to CarFax that VIN sometime and see what the last mileage record is on that car. I have an engine with unknown mileage - but that's ok, my championship winning Nerves Of Teal had the same thing, a junkyard engine out of another car.

    Getting itchy to drive the car again. It's just so hot to be working on it, then the mosquitoes come out at dusk, then it's too dark to do what I want to do.

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    Got a little work done to the Spyder finally. First, the bumper had a tear in it at one of the side brackets where it meets the fender. Glued it together, let it cure, then layered touch-up paint over the course of 2 or 3 days to fill in the little gap as best I could. Pretty happy with the result.

    Clicky for bigger.

    Headlights and bumper are now aligned much better. Ride height is raised to clear speedbumps. Looks almost stock height now, I may lower it a bit or just put the stock springs with Koni yellows on. I need to get new bump stops for that combo since they're crumbled to bits.

    True to form I also cleaned the tool bag and spare tire and front bin.

    I want to replace that passenger side headlight. The yellowing won't go away even after repeated wetsanding and polishing, it has that chunk missing in the lower corner, and one of the mounting tabs is missing and I'm pretty sure the other upper mounting tab wasn't glued back on in quite the right orientation. I signed up for a text alert in case my local yard gets a Spyder in, so far nothing.

    It leaks oil from the drain plug. I ordered a new one for next oil change. That should solve it especially since what was on there had that reddish dried goop on it to seal it up. Quality.

    I've driven it maybe 30 miles so far and no visible oil loss on the dipstick, which is slightly encouraging. I need to do a compression test and drive it longer distances (and closer to redline) to really test it. I put in a Valvoline synthetic high mileage oil when I first got the car.

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    It seems to attract huge trucks.

    I think the entire hood would go under the truck before its bumper hit my windshield! And this was after raising my ride height to near stock levels.

    Sunday we went to dinner with patio seating since the weather was so nice. After getting our food and coming back out this huge thing had parked next to the little arachnid.

    I think I'm going to put that exhaust on sooner than later so I can be heard before I'm seen. I wanted to keep the stock exhaust on for a while to be able to hear anything in/on the engine that might be making noises.

    Also the idle gets a bit low sometimes, I may try cleaning the IAC valve. The idle is stable but the engine vibrates too much. Another 50rpm fixes it.


    Last week I drove the SW20 for the first time in months. It is so good. Took it to my local track, left it parked and drove a truck around instead.

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