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Thread: Cuda's Cars, v2.0

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    Supra stuff:

    Weird as it seems to me I wonder if there's a small boost leak that opens up, closes, opens up, closes, and that causes the variable power output and lack of overall power. I'd think over time it'd get worse, and/or the offending leak would open up entirely and the car would be super slow. I went in to replace the intercooler hoses today but the silicone kit that came in the car didn't have all the right size/shape hoses. Good thing I hadn't removed the old ones yet. I looked it up and this is exactly what I have. I can't figure out why half of those hoses are there. Two of them, the ones on the drivers side, are fairly direct fitment. There are two additional hoses in the stock system, three if you count the one at the top of the engine bay, and none of the other UPGR8 hoses come anywhere close to matching. It's as if the UPGR8 kit is made for an aftermarket IC with non-stock piping. But nothing says it is.

    Another thought is the wastegate. The #1 Turbo WG controls overall boost. I tested the actuator and it seems to be working although I don't know exactly how it should be. The manual says to apply 17.4psi to the actuator and move the rod to make sure the WG opens. I can't reach the rod. I can see it move a little bit right around 17.5-18.0 psi, and a little bit further at 20psi. Probably 1/4" in total. It releases with no bind when I bleed the pressure away (I did buy the Mityvac that supposedly breaks all the time...). So this test is pretty inconclusive to me.

    I've eliminated some things in the system as problems, and there doesn't seem to be too many things left that would control overall boost. A lot of the complexity in the system lies in the hand-off between turbos, and that doesn't appear to be where the primary problem is because it runs worst under full boost when both turbos are supplying pressure.

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    Not much progress on the Supra. I did a little cleaning and prep work every day or so for a while and it was finally ready to correct the paint today. I did some test spots this afternoon and then finished up the hood before it got cold and dark. The haze and swirl marks came out very easily with just M205 and a light polishing pad. This suggests soft paint. (It's a respray). However, numerous tiny dots and RIDS remained. RIDS = Random Isolated Deeper Scratches. I went more aggressive. Then more aggressive again, all the way to the toughest combo I have (Griots Fast Correcting Cream with a Griots stiff white foam pad). It helped a little. This seemed kind of strange given how easy the haze and swirls went away. Anyway, I don't want to take tons of time going over it again and again plus take off a bunch of clear coat, so those imperfections will still be there. But the paint clarity will be much improved overall and given the state of the car when I got it, I don't think the owner is too picky about RIDS (or even knows what they are).

    I finished the hood and half of the targa roof. More tomorrow if I get to it after errands.


    In less awesome news, the MR2 cracked a fog light lens. Seems a tiny stone caused a cascade effect. I swear these lenses are made of crystal! I think this is the 3rd one since I've had the car. The sad thing is they're now discontinued. I'm going to try to find a good used one. That may take some time. Meanwhile I've removed them so I can "save" my good one from the chance of a similar fate. Once I get a replacement, I'm going to install some kind of protective film before putting them back on.

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