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Thread: Cuda's Cars, v2.0

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    Blue car situation:

    Friday deadline is rapidly approaching. It's a yardsale of parts along the garage wall. It looks like the radiator support and a/c condenser are doing weird things, but rest assured they're supported. I wanted more room to work on the front of the engine but didn't want to break both the power steering lines and the a/c lines, so given those lines are on opposite sides and the p/s lines go through the core support to a small cooler, I hinged the core support from near the p/s lines and then hinged the condenser from its lines so I could swing the condenser out a bit. It's kindof a strange process of partial disassembly but it's working.

    One reason to get this extra room was to get my impact gun on the crank pulley bolt.

    The jack handle on the end of a yuuge breaker bar was no match for the crank bolt:

    Fortunately I got a new impact wrench last month. I say fortunately because my 15+ year old Goodyear, which served me well for countless wheel changes and finally started giving up, wouldn't have been strong enough. Not by a long shot. The new impact, a Ridgid Gen5X with a fresh 18V/4.0Ah battery, barely got it off after a few doses of PB Blaster, Freeze-Off, and railing away on the bolt.

    Anyway I'm still disassembling. My hope is that by the end of tomorrow I can maybe start putting things back together after replacing the timing chain galley gaskets. Stupid little things. I figure at least 2 days of re-assembly. Then I have to drive it enough to make sure all the OBD2 readiness monitors are happy, and smog it on Friday. Garage life this week.
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    Done. Now to LA tomorrow for a ProSolo. Fingers crossed my work doesn't come up short away from home!

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    All good. The car ran great all weekend. One of my competitors says I should be an aircraft mechanic for how irked I get if there isn't a spec or detailed enough procedure laid out in the FSM.

    Doing Z things:

    Adulting says I really need to sell it. I don't want to. It's so much fun, a constant skill-sharpener, makes a great noise, is just hardcore enough and just comfortable enough with current mods, and I'm crazy about the color.

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    Adulting is for sellouts.

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    You have but one life.

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    Paying bills is cool, too.

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    Adulting sucks
    Your license plates. GIVE THEM TO ME

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    Sometimes. It's for the better. There will be other fun cars - I'll always make sure of that.

    Might have been the quickest sale ever. Took about 24 hours. The next owner can't come pick it up for a little over a week, but it's as good as sold. I should probably start finding things to test drive soon. I'm cross shopping a strange mix of cars. First year FR-S, 2nd-gen G35 Sedan Sport, or maybe an early Coyote Mustang or another Juke NISMO. Weird huh?

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