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Thread: What are you watching?

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    Quote Originally Posted by novicius View Post
    Well he's working on Dune so that should be amazing.
    No shit? That's awesome. I still need to see Blade Runner and Prisoners.

    I think Sicario was one of the more underrated films in recent years. I hope the sequel is good too (not being directed by Denis Villeneuve).

    Other directors I think are really great, though some that aren't really doing much now, and one that's gone:

    Tony Scott (died a few years ago, though some of his movies can float towards Bay territory. He and Denzel were a great combo) And of course Ridley too (looking forward to seeing All The Money in The World).
    Michael Mann (he kinda ushered in digital movie making, and most of my favorite directors probably are influenced by his style. He's making an Enzo Ferrari biopic right now! And yes, I liked Miami Vice.)
    David Fincher (LOVE his visual style. He's made some of my favorite films, including Seven and Fight Club. I really wish he, Mara, and Craig had continued the english version of Millenium series).
    Danny Boyle (he does so much I like, but some stuff I hate, like the super slow shutter speed crap)
    Alfonso Cuarón (Children of Men is another one of my favorite films. Would love to see more from him)
    Kathryn Bigelow (Can you tell I love gritty realist type movies?)
    Sofia Coppola (guilty pleasure)
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