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Thread: What are we reading?

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    Listening to the audiobook Best Loser Wins by Tom Hougaard aka ďTrader TomĒ. Sounds largely focused on the psychological part of trading. Actually so I far I havenít heard anything different than what Iíve already heard in one of his seminars on YouTube. Hopefully he expands on a lot of his stuff. Heís a fantastic guy.

    Next up will be the Satanic Verses - a book I always wanted to read/listen to, despite all the controversy surrounding it and the author. Iím not Muslim but I have friends who are, and I obviously wonít be sharing this endeavor with them. Iím going to listen to it purely from an objective standpoint, because I need to hear and judge for myself if the hatred toward Rushdie is justified or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedpimp View Post
    I was hoping to be reading "Of Blood And Sand" by now, but Amazon totally underestimated the response to the book. Even though it's a somewhat niche audience(pro wrestling) it covers a man and a town(Detroit) during the tumultuous times of the 60s and 70s and the eventual downfall of the territory(long before the WWF started expanding).
    Just finished it. Only took three months as my "Throne Room Read".

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