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  1. GAS talk
  2. Post yer neat pictures here! (Original content only, plz.)
  3. Attention my photographer friends, help needed!
  4. Quite possibly the most amazing concert posters ever.
  5. flickrs
  6. Kodak
  7. Film trading
  8. Buying prints of a painting?
  9. Models recreating Klimt paintings.
  10. Cave-digging artist finds inspiration underground
  11. Silly animated GIF assignment for school inside!
  12. Existential musings, SLM's neurotic fun ride, also should I bother with a full frame DSLR?
  13. I am an artist. (Random artistic thoughts.)
  14. I need to make a photographical rant
  15. SLM's photographic, artistic conundrum/crisis
  16. FM's literary, artistic conundrum/crisis
  17. "Ready Player One" 3D Avatar Contest
  18. Artist carves growth rings out logs to reveal the younger version of the tree inside.
  19. Alaska, 2016
  20. Father photographs his 5-year old daughter in the clothing and settings of Renaissance Dutch, Flemis
  21. National Geographic’s Top Photos Of 2016 Are Their Best Ones Ever.
  22. Bring back the 80's!
  23. InterTube Vids
  24. Photo printing?
  25. Drones/UAVs
  26. Camera Recommendations
  27. What, No Fantasy thread?
  28. Cam is awesome.
  29. Photo cataloguing/editing software
  30. Easiest way for elderly parents to view family pictures online?
  31. Sony mirrorless cameras... Well this is the f*cking future
  32. Cheap(ish) camera for Son?
  33. Tattooz
  34. Store and Marketing aesthetics over the decades