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  1. Sony Xperia Z1S - Coming to America
  2. Windows tablet computing omnibus thread (Surface, Venue, etc)
  3. OLED teevs
  4. Sony's Ultra Short Throw 4K Projector
  5. Excel Sorcerers!
  6. about to embark on Windows 8 adventure ... sigh
  7. Laptop problem
  8. Vizio Portable Smart Audio
  9. Philips Hue
  10. Google Notifier shutting down.
  11. Microsoft Cortana?
  12. What kind of scam was this?
  13. Android tablet computing (Nexus and cetera)
  14. Apple itablet icomputing (iPad and derivatives)
  15. Does anyone know a way of scheduling when android does updates?
  16. The thin Google vertical scroll bar
  17. PlayStation (1) Flakey Dual Shock
  18. iOS Software and Games Thread?
  19. Anyone have a label maker that they think is the bomb-diggety?
  20. Corrupted Large HTTP Downloads With New Router?
  21. Google Fiber
  22. General broadband thread
  23. Windows 7 keeps resetting to unsaved theme
  24. I think I'm going to retire Windows Home Server 2011
  25. Google Drive Storage Price Drops
  26. eCurrency: bitcoin, dogecoin, and whatnot
  27. How do we not have an Android phone thread yet?
  28. Easiest way to display presentation on LCD monitor?
  29. Chromebooks
  30. Amazon Fire TV
  31. Strange cell phone problem: old "dumb phone" is frozen, trying to connect to bluetooth. For days!
  32. Video Editing software
  33. [Windows] A minimal Text Editor like Jotterpad X... but on PC
  34. XP disconnection boost attempt?
  35. Web design help
  36. Alternatives to MS briefcase?
  37. PC internet connecting help requested.
  38. Hardware.
  39. Please update to a modern browser...
  40. Help with home wifi & internet access that used to work
  41. 4K yay or 4K nay?
  42. HP's The Machine
  43. Upgrade time - Opinions Sought
  44. Not plasma.
  45. Wireless bridge
  46. Challenge: X58 (LGA 1366) uATX mobo
  47. Help me understand, please - CPU differences in time
  48. Approximate/Fair Value of a PS3 120GB?
  49. My PC has just lost sound.
  50. Why is Windows 7 such a pussy?
  51. Russian ads
  52. Ok, so Win7 is denying me access to a folder
  53. Streaming devices.
  54. Steaming devices.
  55. How to watch live streams (like VipBox) on an iPad?
  56. Raid
  57. Pixellation under heavy load
  58. Red versus Green
  59. GREATEST KICKSTARTER EVER: Color changing smart light bulb + wireless speaker
  60. Computer keeps turning itself off
  61. Damn you Tiger Direct, Damn you...
  62. Cell phone plans
  63. Avoiding mobile redirection?
  64. Anybody want an X58 w/12gb ram and i7-920?
  65. Spherical cameras/camcorders
  66. Android Wear / Smartwatches
  67. Very Strange One
  68. Win 8 quite connecting
  69. Got new IE version on work PC. How can I set up Google as default search instead of Bing?
  70. Windows 10
  71. Xbox 360 DVD All Smoked Up
  72. Laptop won't boot. Logon service fail, samcli.dll problem, safe mode won't boot...
  73. My Loathe of VPNs
  74. Using a projector in lieu of TV
  75. Can't decide between the Note 4 and Note Edge
  76. Regin, new computer spyware, discovered by Symantec
  77. Every phone I've owned
  78. Improving WiFi Coverage
  79. Linux (Ubuntu, etc)
  80. Generic Android Thread
  81. Simple Gaming PC?
  82. Computer help
  83. R9 290 fan failure?
  84. Pioneer Home Theater Receiver: deal or no?
  85. Smart Home crap, or something. (Was: Echo.)
  86. Ripping to FLAC
  87. Vosteran Removal?
  88. Mac cast-offs and minor irritations rant
  89. laptop screen irritation
  90. Which OS for new(er) home computer(s)?
  91. Facebook, Firefox, and Fotos fight.
  92. BF3 Plug-In Not Installing
  93. Browser hijacker removal
  94. Corrosion between heat sink and processor?
  95. ImageMagick GraphicsMagick and compare function
  96. 3TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 ST3000DM001
  97. Apple Watch
  98. An algorithm Dicknose might possibly like to turn into a formula
  99. Outlook Calender
  100. Smart TV won't read files from a particular USB drive.
  101. MagicLeap
  102. Hi(er)-Fi Office Speakers
  103. Somebody stop me... (Gaming PC Build Thread)
  104. Home Server Considerations/Ideas
  105. A Plug-In Shockwave Flash isn't responding.
  106. Google Project Fi Wireless Carrier
  107. OC Competition held in a pub
  108. New Laptop: switching from OEM to retail Windows
  109. Thinking of getting a new PC
  110. Desktop PC to Crunch Excel
  111. Yahoo search running slow
  112. Rewinding two decades
  113. Neo Geo Emulator - Can't get it to work. Anyone used it?
  114. Mapping mouse to keyboard
  115. Broken Camera Lens
  116. Best graphics card for around $350 US?
  117. Photoshop color calibration help?
  118. Odd keyboard issues - have I effed my old MB?
  119. Crysis no longer runs.
  120. Retro computers emulated in your browser.
  121. High or Higher-end Audio
  122. CBS Log file - Acces Denied
  123. PC 5.1 speaker outputs all b0rked
  124. Issue with 'Find' box
  125. Security update kills several critical bugs in Android Marshmallow
  126. How do we not have a Windows phone thread yet? Oh, yeah, because only like two people have them.
  127. USB-C
  128. New PC Incoming
  129. I am unhappy with Windows 10
  130. Problem Installing Battlefield 3
  131. Monitor Opinions - ACER PREDATOR XB280HK
  132. Compare mobile devices for this luddite
  133. Cheapest way to Firewire/IEEE1394 on Windows 7?
  134. Visual C++ Redistributable Question
  135. Bad Sectors
  136. Cord Cutting
  137. Virtual reality is here......almost
  138. Programming languages by popularity.
  139. Shield Consoles
  140. The Most Popular Bad Passwords of 2015
  141. .NET Framework
  142. 'HD" videos
  143. CPU core voltage fluctuation
  144. Disabling auto driver updates on Windows 10
  145. Attn: slm - Stereo Tube Amp System with Bluetooth
  146. Should a CPU ever show 800MHz at idle?
  147. iOS
  148. iPhone encryption - John McAfee can break it, or he'll eat his shoe on TV
  149. Okay seriously - Windows 10 and my printer
  150. So Direct X 12, will Nvidia cards do it properly? Currently they do not.
  151. The Raspberry Pi 3
  152. Bluetooth disappeared from my computer
  153. Old tapes
  154. SecureBoot
  155. Keyboard idea
  156. So my PC is typing random 'q's.
  157. Apple is deleting local music files on people's hard drives
  158. Ripping CDs
  159. NVIDIA GTX 1080 and 1070
  160. Well crap.
  161. That IT moment - smh
  162. Lend me your antivirus suggestions
  163. OSX still slow after complete OS reinstall
  164. Slow USB copying: why does it doo dis?
  165. 7nm is coming.
  166. Major First World Monitor problem
  167. George's Mac/Garageband thread
  168. 93 Petaflops and Chinese chip technology.
  169. General PC/Mac storage thread
  170. HA.
  171. One of those "oh, duh (stupid shit)" moments...
  172. Google Search Question
  173. Is it just me, or are wireless carriers boning customers on new phone prices?
  174. Phone won't sync to email
  175. Racing Wheel Recommendations (PC)
  176. Interesting insight into the spyware trade
  177. Dot Tee Oh Ahr
  178. Problems using Thunderbird on one computer and web-based emails on others (gmail & AOL)
  179. The Note 7 explosions
  180. Weird keyboard problem
  181. Need some help
  182. Laptop Battery replacements
  183. Blue Screen o' Death!
  184. Small, cheap mp3 players
  185. osx
  186. Getting HDMI Full Range signal out of a Radeon mobile graphics chip
  187. Low, or lower-end audio. Or middle. But not high.
  188. Teach Me About NAS (storage, not the rapper)
  189. What phones are going to become collectible?
  190. I want to play audio to an AirPort from my PC's browser.
  191. Using old wifi routers as signal repeaters
  192. Win7 PC sometimes doesn't recognize undamaged audio CDs inserted into CD/DVD tray
  193. Excel Help (ahem, Keith)
  194. Computer randomly rebooting itself.
  195. Intel process security bug
  196. Any RFID experts here?
  197. Recommend me a HD
  198. The War Against Phone Bezels
  199. Best way to buy a Netflix account for someone else?
  200. LaTeX
  201. TV Stuffed?
  202. Home internet and wi-fi overhaul
  203. Do all cheap mice suck these days?
  204. Nanoleaf Aurora Smart Lights
  205. NAS Recommendations
  206. Trying to figure out 5.1 audio form PC
  207. Recommend me a new PC
  208. FTP/SMB, WTF? smh!!
  209. Best value gaming monitor?
  210. Laptop searching
  211. Windows Ten tutorials
  212. Weird screen flicker problem
  213. What do you guys know about ethernet powerline adapters?
  214. iPhone-style Autocorrect on PC?
  215. I bought a Red Hydrogen One smartphone and I don't hate it
  216. Low temperature PC build?
  217. Bruno's debian box
  218. De-lidding.....
  219. The Disney+ app sucks balls
  220. USB-C -> DP introduces horizontal scrolling lines?
  221. Online Photo Storage
  222. My TV died.
  223. Firefox, Proton
  224. Windows 11
  225. Let’s say I want to tether off multiple devices…
  226. What to do with this old tech stuff? Keep, donate, recycle, trash?
  227. Do I need third-party software to reformat an iPad without the original passcode?
  228. SVS Subs
  229. Of PC no-start condition and browser session information
  230. Steering wheel mount lock(?) fix
  231. Windows 10 as a server v Other UNIX (free or not) Stuff
  232. Framework Upgrade-able Laptops
  233. After 30 years, it was time.....
  234. Help installing PySAL on win10...
  235. HeSuVi: a bit of a game changer in spatial audio for headphone users