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March 26th, 2021, 07:13 AM
It's 800kg lighter than the S-Max, hence isn't noticeably slower despite only having 1.5L VT3C TURB0!!!1!!! instead of 2.0L Turbo ECOB00S7!!1!!!

It's also good to be back in a Honda.

March 27th, 2021, 04:43 AM

Wiki tells me the current model has a "Waku Waku Gate" tailgate, which sounds amusing, is it?

I always enjoy seeing these minivans in Asia, seem spectacularly well-suited to family motoring.

March 27th, 2021, 07:53 AM
I'll take some photos after I get it washed and coated at Keeper Pro Shop.

The tailgate is innovative in that you can open 1/4 of it sideways, or the whole thing vertically.

The interior packaging and design was far superior to that of the Serena ePower and, to a lesser extent, the Noah. The main thing that the ePower had going for it was, of course, its electric motor. It wasn't as good in almost every other way.

I have to say it's good to have a narrowish van/car again. And I haven't even put the kids in it yet!

March 27th, 2021, 12:30 PM
Oh, interesting. Yeah I can imagine Honda > Nissan in general. Shame as I have a soft spot for the ePower system, it gives you the smoothness and control of electric drive without the weight, cost and range issues of a battery.

Width is an interesting one in general, obviously a wider car is more stable so should need lower spring rates / ARBs to control roll, and less importantly have more grip at the limit. But... on narrow roads I find it more relaxing to have a slightly narrower car, don't know how much is psychological but I feel more relaxed about passing cars coming the other way. 20cm+ narrower than the S-Max is a fairly big difference.

March 27th, 2021, 05:54 PM
Honda > 90% of automakers.

There, fixor'd.

March 28th, 2021, 05:12 AM
Yes, I agree that the ePower system is great. Honda apparently have a similar system in a Stepwgn that's sold in Japan, but maybe the local distrib doesn't want the faff of servicing it as it's relatively new. And/or they want to keep Serena ePower sales going (they handle Honda and Nissan in HK). If they brought the Stepwgn hybrid in then I can't see who would choose the Nissan instead, as the Honda is a better car in almost every way, apart from not having a 360 reversing camera/sensor setup and the second row seats not moving left/right independently (both of which are not terribly important to me). It handles better, rides a bit more firmly but doesn't wallow as much (although it still wallows) hence is less likely to make your passengers sick, and has better steering. The 2 rear seats fold flat and there's the waku waku gate. That said we did think over the decision for quite a while.

I do find it enjoyable driving smoothly to maintain speed, including through corners, rather than just relying on the brute force of the S-Max's engine. I also don't find cvt as bad as everyone thinks it is!

Only negative is that android auto hasn't worked in HK since Jan but that's not Honda's fault. So I have been using carplay on a backup iPhone 7 (which I bought for Japanese speed camera alert duty) tethered off my S21.

May 23rd, 2021, 03:08 AM

Hawt #JDM Action here.

Haven't gotten paint coated as may not be necessary yet. There is also a reason I got grey (doesn't look as bad when it's not super-clean).

May 23rd, 2021, 03:17 AM
Shiny yet functional :up:

May 23rd, 2021, 06:35 AM
That's pretty neat. I had been meaning to Google this car to see what we were talking about here but hadn't done so yet. Shiny, indeed.