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    I haven't heard any more about the Touareg, but but my son's friend just got a black FWD 1991 Mitsubishi 3000GT with a 5-speed manual. Word on the street is it has both a cassette deck and an Auxiliary Input - which sounds crazy for '91 but maybe the AUX IN is aftermarket. I haven't seen it yet. Looking forward to checking it out, though, when and if he brings it by.

    The 325ix has been at a German auto repair shop up in Denver to get some front suspension parts replaced for a couple weeks now. I knew we were in trouble when the shop owner said he was trying to get a knuckle assembly or something like that shipped here from a guy he knows in Alaska, but then the guy in AK didn't have one after all, and he told me on the phone two days ago a shop in California isn't taking his calls anymore.

    For all my claims of not finding any rust on the thing, apparently some of the "can't get them anymore" front drivetrain and suspension parts unique to the ix cars are rusted in place, so we're just waiting to hear how painful this will end up being. I can't say I'm surprised. Last I heard, he was going to take a torch and a hammer to try to remove the passenger side front wheel bearing.

    When I took the car in, the owner/tech looked at it and said, "I know this car. I've worked on it before." I wasn't surprised, having seen his receipts in the thick folder of stuff we got with this car that apparently was purchased new in Denver and spent its life here in the metro area. I'm thinking he checked out the front end and then told the previous owner to sell it to some unsuspecting chumps and then leave the state, which he did.

    But is has been fun to drive occasionally, even with a clanky front end. I accidentally hit a big pothole and it made such a noise that I actually looked in the rearview mirror to see if it had dropped any parts on the road behind me. It wouldn't have been the first time.

    It's not CudaMan CleanTM, but at least we washed it once since July. Sorry about the headrests.

    One thing I recently realized is the front seats, while completely manual to adjust, have an Up and a Down position, in addition to moving fore and aft. Pushing the seat reclining lever down instead of up allows the seats to be raised and lowered to what seems like two pre-set heights a few inches apart.

    And the parking brake doesn't work, so I parked it downhill against a curb so I could get out and take a picture while it was still running after I had washed it.

    The wheels still need more work. There seems to be years of brake dust caked in the nooks and crannies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Servo, in another thread
    Ahh, I didn't realize the Pilot is more the size of the XC90 then.
    I think so. Here's a 2021 XC60 next to a 2006 Honda Pilot.

    So now we have a Pilot with 220K miles / 354K kilometres on it do so something with. My wife has owned it for the last twelve years. It needs a Neutral Safety Switch as far as I can tell, which doesn't look like fun job to replace:

    It also needs a basic tuneup, I think. It idles a bit rough, so I'm thinking replacing plugs/wires/distributor cap, etc. are called for, but I don't know how just how far behind the times I am with that stuff. I haven't even found the idle screw on the carburetor yet! My son plugged his OBDII reader in and said it's misfiring in some cylinders. Don't know whether to donate it to charity for the tax writeoff, sell it, fix it and keep it for our daughter, or try to stuff a small-block V8 in it.
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