day of fieldwork.

on a previous outing i had found a master mezcal brewer that i interviewed. he was generous enough in his talk that i thought it wise to buy a liter of plain mezcal from him.

for those wondering, distilled agave liquor is the generic name of tequila. if it's produced from blue agave grown in a specific part of western Mexico, under certain rules, it is allowed to be called tequila. mezcal is from other regions in central and southern Mexico, and can be distilled from a dozen or so of plants, most common of which is the agustipholia variety, from which white mezcal comes.

A few days pass and i taste it... oh God, it taste good!

From our talk, i took away that the man was a no nonsense dude and a family man. I had to go back to interview other people in the area so i went and bought another liter, of madrecuixe, a semi-wild variety.

Mother nature is good. Can confirm.