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In a way I feel like even more of a fraud than that guy because at least he is actually living off of his photos. I feel like it detracts from people struggling to make a living at photography or any type of art for me to call myself a photographer because I don't have to walk the tightrope of being good enough at it to be able to support myself.

Anyway, someone saw me taking photos at an event last night, and he said he wanted to hire me to take photos of him doing stand-up comedy. I explained to him that I'm just taking photos like this for my own enjoyment. He understood the value in hiring a photographer that isn't trying to make money at it. So, I gave him my contact info.

So up to this point, I have been given a small plastic toy horse as payment for taking one set of photos, and now I have one possible lead for another job. I think I have one of the most successful photography businesses in history, among people who have not and do not intend to start a photography business.
You might actually enjoy checking out Zack Arias, he started his actual career shooting for local bands and stuff in Atlanta. He's also a really approachable down to earth cat.