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Thread: dodint's Automotive Evolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodint View Post
    Yeah, the blue is great. If you go to Carmax and look for Volts it's a sea of gray and white cars, they all look the same. I'm always surprised how many are white, it's such a poor color. I assume it's a bunch of Chevy owners cosplaying as Teslas.
    The only odd thing is the lack of black. Black, white, silver/gray have been the vast majority (75%+) of new car sales for over a decade.

    To some extent, the proliferation of metallic and pearlescent paint variations may mean that these colors are less boring than the old flat white and such. I generally didn't like white vehicles that aren't sports cars with more interesting shapes, but I'm good with the white tri-coat on my CX-5. However, I bought it used, and it had the right blend of options, condition, same price, with color being of lesser importance.

    The explanation I always hear is that's what the dealers want. Anecdotally, VW GTIs in Cornflower Blue like mine seem to go for a slight premium, but 75-80% of them are still made in the boring colors.

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    Nice blue. We wanted to get the van in blue, but they didn't have one in stock and we didn't have time to wait. At least it's brilliant black crystal pearl.

    The Mustang is silver, unfortunately. I've been thinking about getting a vinyl wrap or trying to do it myself.

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