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Thread: Generic IndyCar Discussion Thread

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    I donít understand how come there were so many drivers losing control going into the pit. Seemed way more than usual? Newly paved slippery surface or indicative of skills of drivers?

    Also, I guess Bottas had it good. Iíd rather have a stuck machined nut than losing a freaking wheel going 200mph!!!

    Anyway, I only saw the 5 minute race highlights! Not sure if I could sit thru the entire 500 miles even if it is shown in US time zone.

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    I've been watching the half-hour length race recaps posted a few days after each race on YouTube. Today I sat down to soak up the two races from the Detroit Grand Prix, and they have turned it up a notch! This is vintage IndyCar racing of the sort that I grew up with

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    Apparently Grosjean is now collecting fire department t-shirts because fans are gifting them to him.
    Get that weak shit off my track

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