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Stuff related to ACC:

Today I learned that the Fanatec GT World Challenge Powered By AWS branding is being adopted in Australia (round 1 is at Philip Island this weekend). I wonder if that means that all teams and circuits for this year's calendar might appear as DLC in the next 12 months. Same goes for the FGTWCPBAWS Asia series as well. Hopefully!

Another thing, with six months out of the seat, ACC has been going very strongly. It has had three new DLC packs (2020 updated cars + Imola, the GT4 pack, and the British GT pack) plus improvements across the board.

But one thing that I'd hoped was addressed but sadly hasn't, is what in my opinion is how the cars feel basically unrecoverable if you lose the rear end. There is zero feel for a car that is sliding even a little bit. I'm not a real-life driver - all of my experience is with fake racing cars, so I rely heavily on FFB to tell me if I'm losing rear traction. So that means in ACC without that information all I have is visual feedback, and that ain't enough! I should note that this is different to the situation I posted about last night in iRacing, where you can catch a slide if you're quick enough.

For example, coming through Brooklands at Silverstone. It's a flat profile with a fast entry and tightening radius. As you decelerate you need to know how much rear grip you have available. The steering will load up as the cornering forces increase, and if you lean on them too much the forces will pull to the right, as is normal. It should be a simple matter of correcting the steering, but then it feels limp because there seems to be no aligning torque centering the front wheels in their direction of travel if the car is sliding. For me that usually results in very slow, frustrating spins into the grass.

Outside of this, the game looks, feels and sounds fhhhuggin fantastic and deserves its place as the best racing sim that's not iRacing. I just wonder if anyone else has encountered what I am describing here.
An italian sim racer has done a video - after a well timed 2 weeks hiatus from any sim racing - about what sim feels more natural and comunicative, especially at first approach.
The main differences between ACC and iRacing were in two areas: graphics (dah!) and the sim way of communicating the limit of losing grip, especially at the rear.

He also tried Assetto Corsa, Automobilista 2, rFactor 2 and Project Cars 2.
Unfortunately he did not try Live For Speed, still the sim with the best tyre model ever created.