RAM with Ryzen must be, AT LEAST, 3000Mhz, if not better 3200Mhz. Under 3000Mhz you can have 40% performance loss, seriously.
Also, get 2x8gb, you will losing out going with only one stick of ram at single channel instead of 2 sticks going dual channel.
Single channel is a big no no.
8gb of ram is base minimum for gaming and it's not going to be enough for rendering videos and/or streaming.

Get a B450 motherboard, but it must be MAX or MAX PLUS, otherwise you would not be able to mount directly a Ryzen 3xxx on it.
Also, is that motherboard a Micro ATX one? Why? Unless you are going with a small case you should always go for normal ATX motherboards.

The Crucial MX500 SSD is fine, I use it two myself, one for the OS (250gb) one for the games (500gb).
For mechanical HDDs go for Toshiba or decent WD, at least 7200rpm, obviously.

GTX 1650 is a shitty video card: under the 1660 you go for AMD always. RX 580 8gb or RX 570 8gb. Also, 4gb in GPUs for modern games do not cut it.