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I'm reading a book on software architecture for work. It's pretty boring. However, there's one bit of wisdom in it that I think applies here, and while it seems obvious in hindsight, it was revelatory for me.

You are not looking to create the perfect system, the best system, or even the right system. That system does not exist. You are looking to create the least worst system. Everything has tradeoffs, and you're looking for the one that sucks the least.

People are going to refuse to take the vaccine. You can't just automatically sign people up because the vaccines have a shelf life and unfortunately we have a sizable part of the population that will not take them. That size will change as people see their friends getting it and not turning into sentient 5G towers, but you can't predict that.

The system right now works pretty well all things considered. It is likely the least worst.
...least worst system applies to politics as well. If only some people understood that.