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Thread: Pandemic Thread (CoronaVirus etc.)

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    I was pointing out flaws in CDC's reasoning and it felt like you were just interested in pointing out my flawed reasonings rather than discussing if CDC has really improved and learned their lessons or not now we've transition into Biden admin... and with the going back to school topic, when I asked you what would you do then if you think my reasoning is flawed... and then you originally gave me you don't know. You're not an expert.

    I hope you can understand why that felt frustrating to me at the time?

    I know you are alot better than Neanderthal and YW, but can you really say that my perspective on this is really that off? To YW, I am a trump supporter. To Neanderthal, I am a very deplorable and vicious Bernie Bro. Am I wrong again with that perspective on them?

    I think it should be clear that I'm not a trump supporter... and I have no problems with you pointing out my flawed reasoning, but we need to find a way to move forward, rather than being stuck at focusing on my flawed reasoning. It's not like I did not acknowledge my flaws? Yes, the article and I do not fully agree, but it is also complaining about the CDC and it's not from fox news. Should we not complain about the CDC at all? Can we pick an choose which complaints are really valid or not?

    Regarding covid data on kids, neither one of us is wrong. Data can easily be interpreted differently and be used to tell vastly different stories.

    So let's interpret the data and find out what's the best course of action. Rather than trying to tell Billi bunch of data and then tell me you don't know what you would do if you have kids. On a personal level, sure, every household is different. Everything depends.

    However, we now are financially incentivizing schools to reopen. We used to require kids have all their shots before the pandemic in order to attend schools. Now during a pandemic when we don't have the shots for kids... now we're tell them to get back to school. Is that really a wise public policy?

    I don't believe so.

    However, I can understand parents need to offload their kids to let teachers babysit them so that they can focusing on getting back to work...

    Just as I can understand we don't want the public to buy up all of the mask as if they're toilet paper... so 'public policy' was, hey, we don't need masks! Just wash your hands!

    I just think policy makers need to be more truthful that's all. I hope you understand why I don't trust them fully.
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    {url=]Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean are RIGHT THERE![/URL]

    The epidemic in India is too, but I don't know what the logistics are of transporting vaccines that need to be kept at such a low temperature over long distances. At least these three countries/ region are within 5 hours flight.

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