This is not a vehicle purchase I anticipated myself ever making. That's right, I've gotten an old flower mobile!

The plan is to turn it into a mobile home on wheels to go on cross-country adventures. If it seems feasible, I will probably load it into the garage to work on through this winter. I have a ton of wild ideas to load so many innovative inventions into this thing that it might be a loooong time until my dreams are realized. So far I'm thinking about:

-Making a measurement device from a laser distance sensor and an accelerometer so I can accurately measure out the contours of the inside of the van to custom cut wood shelving that lines right up with the curves of the interior
-Modifying the passenger seat to fold forward flat, and then the bed will unfold from that, utilizing the passenger side of the cab as living space as opposed to it just being wasted space when parked
-A shower. I'm not kidding. The way I look at it, if all this beast has in it is a bed and some shelves, it doesn't get me a whole lot closer to truly be able to forego staying in hotels than if I didn't have the van at all. I know it's extremely ambitious to think I can fit an honest to god shower in a Transit Connect, but I think I can rig something up that functions like a shower. I also have a plan to use a fluid heat exchanger and Arduino controlled circulation pumps to pull heat directly from the engine to heat and regulate the temperature of my shower water. Also the thought of people seeing steam from a hot shower coming out of a roof vent on a Transit Connect is hilarious to me.
-Reinforced storage for keeping expensive camera gear in. I'm thinking of adding a reinforced lock to one of the sliding doors, and then building a steel box around the opening for me to keep my valuables in.
-An RGB lighting system that's tied to a clock that will simulate sunrise and sunset lighting inside the van. Because let's face it, it's a little small in there.