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I can't square the argument that Hamilton was going too fast to make the corner with the fact that he was going slower than Verstappen between corner entry and contact. They were almost alongside each other at entry, but by the collision Verstappen's rear wheel hit Hamilton's front. However quick Hamilton was going in the entry phase of the corner, Verstappen was going quicker.

Additionally, Copse isn't a braking zone, just a small lift and back on the power. So if you enter it too fast, you can always lift off again further round and stay on the track. That's slower than getting it right, but still counts as 'making the corner'. Hamilton didn't look like making the apex, and that's why he got the ten second penalty, but there's no reason to believe that at the point of contact he was otherwise committed to running off the track.

Red Bull are making a lot of noise about it, which looks more aimed at destabilising Hamilton/Mercedes than at advancing a well-founded argument to revisit the stewards' decision at the time.
I do believe the contact probably slowed Hamilton down further and even with that further slow down, he still went wide probably with half of his car out of the track. It was definitely not a very good line to take that’s why leclerc ended up passing him.

So I do believe Hamilton will likely fly off the track without Max’s rear wheel’s help.

Of course it’s also possible that the legendary trail braker could continue to slow during the turn and therefore able to remain on track… the contact simply interrupted this braking during the turn…