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    Wider track can certainly be one of the solutions, just not feasible every where...

    Think about it, even if we do return to mechanical grip only, itíd still be hard to pass at Monaco, right?

    Spirit of the rules should be for safety and for fairness. Max broke the rule for sure, but I donít think Max was being unsafe nor do I believe he gained an unfair advantage passing and going around the long way on the out side.

    Looking at some onboard shots, I think Ocon and Yuki on lap 20 had a similar incident, except Ocon wasnít quite ahead of Yuki while he was off track at turn 4. He remained side by side with Yuki and was only able to complete his pass after turn 6.

    Should race director also told him to back off and just stay behind Yuki since he went outside the track limit?

    Personally, Iíd think thatís just racing. But of course rules are rules.
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