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Thread: My TV died.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cam View Post
    Uh, I watch YouTube videos on my TV, but in a browser window. That is the closest I get to watching TV on my TV.

    I don't even watch movies anymore. Lori and I just finished the latest season of The Expanse, but we watched it on her computer.
    We just started season 2... Watching on the projector, from the PC app. LOL

    I use the pc for most of my "TV" watching now. Both Amazon and Netflix allow you to download shows on their apps, instead of streaming them.

    Not sure it really makes a difference... But I pretend that it does.

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    I have two older panny plasmas that are still going. Since we are in Tampa (advertised lightning capital) they have been hit a few times by lightning and repaired. But it’s not the power interface that gets the damage. Mine have both been damaged via the HDMI ports. My 50” only has one working port and my son now has the older 47” in his room where all HDMI ports are gone and we run his PS4 through a component/hdmi converter box. No damage to our 1yr old A8G OLED yet. Both PS4s have had their LAN connections replaced due to lightning as well. Wireless still works but with online racing I needed the best connection working.

    I’m thinking the lightning strikes are so close that the static electricity just kills really fragile stuff.

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    you lost me at "repaired". I take that as an opportunity for an upgrade.

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