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Thread: Rental Car Review: 2020 Citroen Aircross 1.2

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    Rental Car Review: 2020 Citroen Aircross 1.2

    TLDR Version: No please, no. We are not its target audience.

    Rented from Budget at London Heathrow. Needed to drive to Beaconsfield, Wisley, then to Windsor/Oxford on the same day. Next day from Oxford to SW London. Around 100+ miles over the course of 2 days. So, given the one-way fee, I decided to go with something cheaper and smaller to get around London in (after the 3-series being OK but larger than necessary).

    Engine and transmission: 1.2 petrol. Got off the line as necessary but beyond that, lots of noise when flooring it with not much movement. Gearbox and shifter super-sloppy and made me want to cry each time. Biting point bizarrely high for some reason. Barely enough power for me and a bit of luggage.

    Steering and Handling: Wallowy and boat-like with no steering-feel, other than perhaps toward self-harm. Couldn't tell whether it was whatever-wheel-drive as it was deathly boring to drive.

    Interior: Super-moronic design with the up-down scroll-wheel on the steering wheel being forward-backward on Spotify (who makes UP mean NEXT-SONG on Spotify WTF??!! Playlists go from top to bottom anyway?). I think I may have tested the mics by using Hey Google but driving it was so painful that I may have removed it from my memory. The aircond controls are also hidden behind a menu which requires you to exit Android Auto to access. The only plus side is that there is a physical volume knob and, I think, next track buttons on the fascia. One USB-A input which had to be used for the phone. The only bright spots were the sound quality of the stereo, and the comfort of the (basic fabric) seats, which were both pretty good for this class of car. Plastics cheap-feeling of course.

    Practicality: OK I guess? Side etc. No special headlights or anything. At least the car is small.

    Looks: White with try-hard-sporty red trim.

    Other stuff: Second-worst rental car I have ever driven. It was better than the Ford Fiesta 1.2 with something like 30K miles that was rotated off the fleet after I returned it. It was worse than the DS3 Cabrio (South of France) which at least had that fun roof and was somewhat sporty-ish as it had (I think) a 1.5 and possibly even an auto which was better than this dire manual.

    Verdict: I guess you could give it a B or even a B+ if your main aim as regards transport is to save petrol while driving to work and the local supermarket while singing along with your single 20-something friends in the car to Capital/KissFM/Heart106.2/Westlife/80s/90s pop on the stereo. F for enthusiasts, especially as manuals and interior designs like this deserve to die. For everyone else, probably C at best.

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    I've seen these in Portugal when i am there and I wondered what they were like. Thanks for the review.

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    6,040 Normal C3 almost review C3 Aircross almost review

    They seem approximately 145091831290751242300% accurate.

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